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As a Pro-kiteboarder I have the privilige to go to the most beautiful places of the world. Every now & then, I will try and give you some insight on those beautiful places and cool trips by writing a little tripreport.

Find Sander Lenten kitesurfing around the world here.

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Kitesurf the VI [The complete story]
Virgin Islands
When I left to go to Brussels i forgot my ticket at home, but I only found that out at 10pm. So I had to drive back all the way to my place. luckily my girl came with me and good thing there wasn't that much traffic so we had a pretty smooth driving session. O and on the way back the closed the entire road en there where cops everywhere so we had to go through the gas station. When we saw what was going on it was kinda funny. There was a chopper in the middle of the highway. We drove on and got home safely at 2am to sleep a whole 3 hours. At Brussels airport I had to pay for my boardbag and then went on to catch my flight... that was 30 min delayed. Normally that doesn't matter, but I had such tight connection flights that every minute was welcome. After 8 hours orso we reached JKF (New york) airport 40 minutes late and I already had only 2 hours to get to the next plain. When I was halfway through the line of immigration I saw a clock that said I only had an hour before my flight left. After immigration I sprinted to luggage dropped that off and sprinted to my gate and made it when the started boarding. Miami was easy I only had half an hour cause we where delayed again, but my gate was next to the gate I came out of so that was good. After arriving in St. Thomas I was so tired. I didn't expect my luggage to be there, but then I saw my boardbag and my other bag so I was stoked. I got picked up by Nicolas and drove home.

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St. Thomas Harbor

Kiteloop HP Lagoon LobstersMe hidding coconut HELPCoastline St. Croix

Two weeks away from reality
Caribean islands
When we landed on the airport we had to wait a couple of minutes, because there was nobody there yet. Finally someone came took our passports and he was gonna drop em of at the bungalows. We took of at from the airport and landed at the bungalows. When we emptied the helicopter we had to divide all the stuff over all the bungalows. When we finished after an hour orso the bertram came in. So we loaded of all the stuff that was on the bertram. At noon there was an other car coming with more food in there so we had to divide that as well. When we finally finished we loaded up the dingy with kitestuff and went down to the kitespot. it was blowing super nice for my new 9m2. We had soup for diner and some cookies for dessert. We watched an episode of Prison Break and when that was finished we had to watch another episode, but when that one was finished we went to sleep.

Next morning we put up a big tent so we had more room to have diner with a lot of people. When it was a lil later on the day we had a nice kiting session on my 9m2, but on the end the wind died a lil and we called it a day for kiting that is, because we chilled some and went surfing after. When it got dark we didn't had enough light any more so we went in and had super nice piece tuna. We watched Prison Break before going to bed.


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Da Bungalows

Cruising around Bertram and bungalow Flatting the kicker Madi in da waves Rainbow

US Virgin Islands
St. Thomas, US virgin Islands
Tomorrow it's finally so far...I'm trading this cold Holland for the warm and nice weather place St Thomas USVI. I'm going there to see my girlfriend again and ofcourse to relax and kiteboard/surf. I'll be there for a month and ofcourse i'll keep you guys updated with almost :P everything what i'm doing there! i'm going to buy a photo-camera
and take lots of pictures of the beautiful island and the kiting action ofcourse!!

Friday 16th of december I woke up at 5am to go take a quick shower and get ready to go to the airport. My flight was at 8.35am so I was really on time. when I came for the check in I had my boardbag, a weekend bag and my backpack with my guitar sticking out of it. I had piece concept that means you can take two pieces of luggage that can be 23 kilos each! and normally i'm always overweight and now I had some kilos over! my first flight was from Amsterdam to Madrid. In Madrid I had to wait for 2,5 hours for my connection flight to San Juan (Puerto Rico) but that flight had a delay from 50 minutes. but it didn't really matter because I had to wait on San Juan for 2,5 hours. and the delay would only mean less waiting there. I got in the plain and there was no one sitting next to me so I thought sweet relaxing, but I couldn't rase the arm seat in the middle couse it was stuck. half way I changed my time to puerto rico time (-5GTM I think). when I came down to San Juan and went to immigration first they didn't let me enter the USA...

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St Thomas

Magens Bay Lizzard Secret Spot Secret Spot Secret Spot Blind judge Madi on the Slider Crab for diner campfire

Cumbuco and Fortaleza, Brasil
When I came on the airport we had a delay of 2,5 hours. so we had to wait like a long time. at the check in I had only 22kg so that was cool and than the girl said: im going to give you 1 kg to pay. so it was ok. and where I had to pay I said im not going to pay for 1kg so she let me of free. it was also like 30 euros a kg. well when we arrived at the airport in fortaleza we had a ride to combuco so that was cool. im staying at a place that is like 1 min walk from the beach it cool. but its starting to get windy so im going to go kiting.

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All Riders

Trip 2 Cabarete
Cabarete, DR
After I went Delta-flying with my mom, she dropped me of at the airport in Dusseldorf, but that was like 15 before my flight was taking off. So i had to spend a night on the airport. finnaly the time was there to go in the air, but ofcourse 1 hour delay. I was so tierd that i slept most of the time in the plane (what normally is not possible for me). half way my battery of my i-pod went down, so that was a big peg. so after a hectick flight I finnaly arrived in Puerto Plata.

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Me and Susi

PKRA Oostenrijk 2005
Neusiedlersee, Pödersdorf
wachten op wind...

Verliezen van djavin met een potje schaken.... mja hebtie ook is geluk

Alles voor de camera.... ;) Voeballe dan maar? Boeke die bakkies.... umhz juist... het waait echt te lang niet duzz en Jalou hebben we gedwongen mee te doen aan de Elite Model scout.... terecht toch... Wachten, wachten, wachten Eye toy rockt de pan uit... of niet natuurlijk... neeeeejjjj niet door de Naish boot boeken die bak.... gheghe of toch.. Loting van de vrouwen... niet verkeerd voor Jalou!

LEN10 at Tarifa
Tarifa, Spain
Yoyo tjingeling. Ik ben totaal gewoon lekker 5 weken in tarifa geweest. Met in de tussentijd 1 weekie thuis. Om wat aan me rijbewijs te doen.

We reden Zaterdag 1e kerstdag weg bij Cees thuis. Het schoot wel lekker op met 140 in een te chille Laguna. we waren om 16:00 bij Bordeau en gingen om 20:00 wat eten in san Sebastian ´t lekte als een mofo in die tent maar t eten was lekkerder dan de vrouwen daar achter de bar...

De reis met de auto mooie ondergaande zon omklapend golfje achter enanes slapen in de vertrek hal mooie fotoshoot boardikkitebergen even serieus

corona extra turkije
Woensdag 11 augustus, het vertrek begon om 12: 00 vanaf Kevin Langeree zijn huis in Noordwijk, waar hij zijn stopwatch aan zetten. Toen we eindelijk in Brussel, vanaf daar vlogen we, waren aangekomen bleek dat we best nog een uur langer hadden kunnen slapen, omdat we een uur bovenop de twee uur van te voren aanwezig waren.

one footer met wakeboarden, niet verstandig achter dat witte muurtje moesten wij onze kite oplaten

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