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Kiteboard Open 2011
10/06/2011 - 13/06/2011 
Of course, the Dutch Kiteboard Open. The biggest kitesurf event in the Netherlands at my Homespot! Be there! I will :)

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Update on my pilot training, traveling and enjoying life
02/12/2010, Around the world

Sander Lenten flat3I had a lot of fun completing my MCC on the Boeing 737-NG and getting a glimpse of what my future "office" will look like :)! It took a while to get all the paperwork in order after completing the program, but I've managed to get everything sorted out. I now proudly hold a JAR-(f)ATPL.

22 months of intense training called for some relaxation. I also owed some hours to kiting, so I took the opportunity to travel to Quiberon, France, Tarifa, Spain, Bonofacio, Corsica (France) and I also got to spend some time in Knokke, Belgium. In the mean time I've sent out some CV's to airlines and did a job interview with Brussels Airlines. I passed all stages and I'm waiting for them to call me to start as a Co-Pilot in their Avro fleet.

I just got back from Malibu, California and had an amazing time there! I soaked up some American culture and some Cali relaxation. I went to an American Football game, Chargers VS Patriots. We did the whole game experience, starting with a tailgate party and BBQ. I had a good time and it was a fun experience. To contribute to that and continue with some USA culture I shot several guns at a shooting range. This all went down in San Diego. Back in Malibu I managed to get some kiting in. Wind from the right and the most perfect kickers rolling in. The most awesome experience kiting there was when two dolphins were crossing under me and jumping out in front of me while I was riding along side of them.

Halloween in the states is awesome. In Holland there is not really such a thing, so to experience it as the real deal was great. Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios was amazing. I have to say at first I wasn't really convinced it was going to be scary or fun, but having experienced it I have to state it as amazing. Thanks to a friend we could cut all the lines and that was royal seeing how long everyone else was waiting to get into the mazes. I wasn't really scared, but having screaming girls around definitely helps you to get some fright moments. After having the life scared out of you we had to go to a Halloween party! Everyone was dressed up and it was a good amount of fun!

When there was no kiting, there were a few other options: Surf, Chill, Wakeboard, and I did all of them. I had a really good time in California and was sad to leave it behind. But, I  will be leaving for the Virgin Islands on Dec. 12 so it's not like I don't have anything to look forward to ;).



Almost done...
22/03/2010, Netherlands

The last days in the USA were a bit hectic, As everything came together. A good amount of flying and had to cancel all the contracts and close my account. Looking back to it I had a good time and noticed that half a year is gone before you know it. The only thing I would have done a bit more is kiting. The times I got to kite were absolutely Njoyable :)

So let me tell you what I've accomplished whilst being away from the kiting scene for a bit. I'm now a full licensed commercial pilot. I'm almost at the end of my training, The only thing left to complete is the MCC (Multi Crew Concept). I will be doing this on the Full Flight Simulator of a Boeing 737-NG. When this is completed I will be hunting for a job in aviation.

In the meanwhile I will be doing some photoshoots and go past some kiteboarding events. Traveling will depend on how the job market will bring me. I've also put some word to a sequence we shot in July in Wijk aan Zee. So check it out on kiteshots.nl or Facebook (kiteshots)


Spread @ Kiteworld and website updated
12/10/2009, Mesa Arizona

KiteworldYo peoples, here is a small update. For all you subscribers of Kiteworld, or if you're buying them at the newspaperstands, check out the Motordrive project at page 134 and 135. The trick is explained step by step with my pictures. Credits for Sebastiaan Hogenboom of course for shooting and glueing it together. So yes go out and get yourself the latest Kiteworld (Okt-Nov 2009)

Besides this nice placement, my website has undergone a small update for 2010. As you can see I am riding Balance boards now and I'm free to wear whatever beachwear I like...

Keep flyin'!

Flyin' around, checking some kitespots and more airtime
16/09/2009, Virgin Islands
mesaWe found a lake with google earth that had potential of kitesurfing and so we went to go check it out. It was only an hour drive. When we got there it looked awesome and definitely had potential. It had a bit of a sketchy launching area, but not the worst one i've seen. The day we went to look there was no wind. So we had to get back another time. Then we heard about this other lake only 45min drive. The drive towards the lake was awesome, but arriving at the lake there was a little breeze, but just not enough. If it was 2 knots more... so we did some bridge jumping into the lake which was nice.

The flying is going well and it is getting more fun every time I step into the plain. I had my first pre-solo check August 21. I wasn't nervous, but I noticed some mistakes already and if i'm able to see them, the examiner will see them for sure. I got better as the flight went on and when back in the briefing room she gave me a PASS :) ! So normally my instructor flies on saturdays as well and so me too. Not this saturday though. So we checked the schedule and 30 min after that we were in the car to LA with 6 guys. After a nice 6 hour drive, we found a Motel and payed $120,- and got 2 rooms.

The following morning we went down and met up with a friend of mine. He showed us around a bit and we got some good breakfast. The wind was once again just too light to go out on the water. So we rented paddleboards and went for a paddle around the harbor. Once we got back we decided to drive up to Hollywood. It was an other hour drive and a 2 hour walk on the "Walk of fame", looking down bumping against other people that were doing the same thing. We saw some celebrity stars and it's one of those things you've to do at least once in your life. When we got back to the car, we drove up through Beverly Hills and Bell Air to Malibu and Santa Barbara where we spend the night. The next morning we had an all european breakfast with fresh pastries and everything. The best breakfast in the states so far! We checked out Santa Barbara for a bit and then went back down to Malibu for a swim. The Pacific ocean is pretty chilly. On our way back we drove through Santa Monica and back on the I10 east all the way to Phoenix. easiest directions ever. We got home around 10:15pm and of course I was scheduled for my first solo flight at 6:15am. Which was a bit early, but totally worth it! flying on your own is so chill!

This weekend we'll probably hit up some parties and go have fun.

More big air @ hot Mesa Arizona
28/07/2009, Mesa Arizona

Sander Flight schoolI finished my ground school with success :) and I am now in Mesa, Arizona for the practical part.

After a last week of being at home. I was super lucky with the wind as it was windy almost every day. so I got some kiting in before moving to the dessert. I also managed to do a photo shoot with Sebastiaan Hogenboom (kiteshots.nl). I've seen some shots already and it looks pretty awesome with nice dutch conditions.

This week at school we'll be having some briefings on how to stay in the air with an airplane and the week after we'll try to remember the briefings and stay in the air.

hot arizonaIt's so hot here that the thermometer goes out of it's scale when in the sun, that means it exceeds 50°C. We also bought a nice car. A Dodge bla bla bla... it's white ;) !

I will let you guys know how my flights are going and how awesome it is going to be.


Summer and the new Flexifoil equipment
17/04/2009, Belgium

Lenten new flexifoil 2009 kitesIt's been such nice weather lately and I received my new Flexifoil kitegear for the '09 season...

I'll be riding The 2009 Hadlow Pro's with a Flexifoil boards and mystic hardware. When I got the boxes in, the first thing I wanted to do is go out and play, but the wind was not sufficient enough to go out on the water so I just went playing on the beach with the new toys. I envy the chinese people whom are packing those kites so flipping small, Big Ups.

When I unpacked them the bar was set up with a 5th line, Me and the 5th line are not such close friends, so I decided to change it into the Hadlow Pro setting... This was done within 10 min (and that includes rolling out the lines, so that was pretty good). The first thing I noticed was that there was no middle strut, which is pretty weird at the beginning when you're pumping it up, As well as the inflatable tip, big fan of that!

I'll be happy to try the jewels on the water. My studies are going awesome with the theory coming close to an end, one more month to go. After that I'll be doing some kiting, photo shooting and some Sim flying...


Maximum big air in Wintertime.. Pilot Academy!
13/3/2009, Belgium

With the winter coming to an end soon... I just wanted to share the feeling of these awesome kiteshots taken by Sebastiaan Hoogenboom (AKA kiteshots.nl)

Further more the winter has done me a lot of good for my pilot training! When you're in a city, it's cold and dark the motivation to study gets a boost... At least for me, because you know that even though the leafless trees are moving a little bit... the sea won't think twice to freeze your goods off!

I will have my States exams in July, so keep your fingers crossed. Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think of them!

Big Up To sebastiaan, I'll be doing some PR with the pics in the magz, so if you see me there, let me know and I can post it in my media gallery!

Check out the pics through hanglos.nl


17/1/2009, Virgin Islands
I recently go back from the Virgin Islands. My schedule for school was pretty mellow and I thought why not surprise my girlfriend for her Birthday. So I did and met up with her on the virgin Islands. We had an awesome time and I could test my new board (Brunotti Onyx) and harness (Mystic Warrior II) which were really awesome! We kited 3 days on my 9m2 perfectly and then the wind died for the rest of the trip, but the swell came up and so we surfed the rest of the days! Time really goes fast when you're having fun. I now also know that a week there seems way to short! Anyways I'm back now and going full throttle again with the test flying around my head and soon starting FNPT II (simulator), so that is going to be of the charts!

Dutch Championships
10/11/2008, Scheveningen, Holland
Finally last weekend was the weekend we've all been waiting for for a long time. The Dutch Championships had green light. The first day the wind came a bit offshore and so was pretty gusty. It also was not to warm. I hadn't kited in a long time due to school and I had a hard time getting used to the conditions as it was too cold to just go out for a warming up. I got knocked out in the second round and was happy I could get out of my wetsuit. The next day the wind was a lot better, but still very cold! the wind was for a 7m2. I had my 9m2 and 7m2 ready to fly. When my heat started. I wanted to take my 7m2, but it was soft :S. So I took out my 9m2 and was lit. When the heat was over I went to see what was up with my 7m2, but couldn't find anything. So I pumped it up just before my next heat and noticed that because of the leak it had a deviation to the right. Which on a 7m2 is really messed up. I manage to pass that heat, but the next heat it got worse and as soon as I tried to pass the bar the kite would fly into the water. So that limited my tricks like there is no tomorrow. I couldn't do enough tricks to pass the heat and so I lost. I guess Dutch Championships are not my thing.


Back 2 school
4/10/2008, Brussels, Belgium
Well the Dutch Championships was a no go and got postponed to the 11th and 12th of september! I also just came of the water and man it is getting cold already! I hope the will be next weekend, because otherwise they'll be only in november and I don't want to know how cold that is going to be.

I also recently started my education to become an airline pilot. So during the week I'm in school from 8:20 - 16:50. I've been in school now for 3 weeks now and I'm really enjoying it. It's getting a bit chilly to go kiting any way so that will be a nice push for the studying. I will still be kiting in the weekends though and will compete in the dutch championships as long as there is no to great of a risk for hyperthermia ! So please be next weekend !

Back Home
1/9/2008, Noordwijk, Holland
After spending a month in Knokke, Belgium it was time to go home again. The time there was awesome. Teaching a bit, Hanging with friend a bit and making new friends... The weather on the day of my return in Noordwijk was generous as there was nice wind and a good amount of sunshine to play! Hopefully this weekend is the Dutch Championships as there weather forecast looks promising, but that can all still change.

Getting there
6/8/2008, Knokke, Belgium
After getting back from The Gorge I did a lot of thing! We hit the cable park a few times and got a slider and kicker fever from it, but it was awesome! Did a couple of clinics for Q-music (NL) and went to some private concerts with no more then 100 people. A couple of days ago I arrived in Knokke, Belgium to give some lessons and hang around a little bit. I also have two clinics planned with Q-music Belgium and going to be in the jury for the MOT Cup which is held right here in Knokke. For tomorrow there is a N.E.R.D. concert on my way so we'll see how that is going to end

The Gorge Games continues
20/7/2008, Hood River, Oregon
With a day off we desisted to go up to Mount Hood for some snowboarding. The snow was nice and soft. After we got some down hill action we went down to the sandbar for some kiting action. I mean now we can say we snowboarded and kited on the same day and I think that its pretty cool to say. Skippers meeting today was at 8:30 for the Big Air contest. The wind wasn't that great at first but got better as the event went on. I was on my 9m2 all day and was perfectly lit. My boosting skills got me up on the podium on the 3rd place as I lost from Alvaro Onieva. So pretty stoked with the podium. I got a couple of things I want to do here like mountain biking and kite some different spots. Now the comp is over I got some time to do those things.


The Gorge Games
18/7/2008, Hood River, Oregon
I had a good session on my 9m2. I really like this place! it's nice and windy, sunny and the people are cool. The skippers meeting for the contest was at 8:30 am. I got my kites sorted out and pumped up my 9m2 and 7m2. The wind was a bit fluky and up and down. So I ended up pumping my 11m2 just incase. I didn't need it though. I ended up just using my 9m2 as I would be lit and underpowered on every kite and the 9m2 is the nice size. I lost against Damien LeRoy and got 5th as there were only singles. I had a super nice kite session after the contest was done and the wind got steadier. Tomorrow we have a break so we had a good idea to go snowboarding in the morning and then go kiting in the afternoon. Then on Saturday there is the Big air and we'll see how that is gonna go.


Arriving in Hood River
16/7/2008, Hood River, Oregon
After the Jack Johnson concert in Den Haag we had a long flight the next morning from Amsterdam through LA to Portland, but we made it. Trying to rent a car is not as easy as it seems and we ended up renting a U-Haul van. We started driving towards the town Hood River and when we arrived the town was pretty small for the amount you hear about it, but nonetheless it's a super nice town. We met some people and ran in to some people we already knew. The first session was on my 11m2 and was pretty mellow. The spot is awesome here and can't wait to go out again. The backdrops here are insanely pretty. With a snowy Mount Hood in the background.

Back home
12/7/2008, Noordwijk
When the doubles came up I had long ways to go. So I could fix my leash as it broke in the semi finals. The wind wasn't as steady as the day before. I went out a little bit before I had to go put up a show. It was perfect for my 9m2. The wind went a little flukey on us the heat before the second and third place. So we had a little break. It didn't take too long for the wind to pick back up. So they started the comp again. I put up my 11m2 during the heat before mine and it was perfect so I stayed out. 1 min before the heat the wind picked up a good amount and I was well overpowered, but I knew if I would change my kite it would only cause stress, so I stuck with it. I lost this heat and went on to my 9m2 for my second chance. I was powered perfect and was doing well the first half of the heat and the other guy was crashing everything, but in the second half of the heat it turned and I was crashing my tricks. I don't know why, but I guess I wanted to do everything to fast when I had the time. I unfortunately lost this heat and became second which is also pretty satisfying. I stayed a bit longer and got my PADI open water diving license which was a cool experience.

1st after the first elimination
22/6/2008, Paros, Greece
After getting in on Paros I chilled with George. He is the event organizer and a good friend. We did the single elimination. I got to start in the second round already as I was ranked in the top 8. We started of and when I had my heat I was on a 11m2. The wind was good and I passed on to the quarter finals. They stopped after the second round and called it a day. The next day we had course racing on the program. I was really stoked with that as I like it a lot! We did a test run and it was about 6 min course which was perfect for multiple races. We started at 1 o'clock together with the live television. I guess I did pretty well as i finished 4th in the first race. The second race was a different story though. I was on the 5th position and about to get 4th again, but my nose dove and I lost my board and saw a bunch of people pass me. After the course racing there was a hangtime contest. I took a 12.5m2 Flexifoil ION3 and boosted a massive time of 7.35 sec. This was also the winning time! so that will be my first podium place for the event. The freestyle continued the next day. There was live TV again and I took out my 7m2 in the quarter finals. I was pretty lit and I won this heat and was stoked, because worst I could get now was 5th. In the semi finals I had Antoine Auriel who was killing it, but I had the favorite of the judges in that heat and went on to the finals against Leander Vyvey. The wind dropped a bit, but was still good for my 7m2. As they did the podium for the live TV the called Miguel Willis for 3rd place and Leander Vyvey for 2nd so that meant I was first and won the Singles. Super stoked and hope to keep my first place in the doubles. For now I'm going to have a nice chill.


Time to move on
15/6/2008, St Thomas, USVI
After some of the last kite sessions and a nice surf session it's time to move on. I took a flight from St Thomas to Atlanta where I spend the night. I'm waiting for my flight to Athens, but as I'm on standby I don't know if i'm going to make the flight! If not I'll try to get there an other way or day. I will report back when I'm in Greece and let you guys know if I made it or I had a mission.

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